Reading Liberia 20/20

is a comprehensive reading initiative that provide professional development training and support for teachers as well as produce high-quality relevant  books for children. RL 20/20 is a partnership initiative of  WE-CARE Foundation and CODE Canada.  Its  goal is to improve the learning outcomes of primary school students through the intervention of trained teachers  that would help them acquire  reading and writing, and problem-solving skills. 


Conducts comprehensive readership program that trains teachers in public elementary schools in strategies for student-centered activities and cooperative learning across the curriculum with strong focus on skills in reading and writing for critical thinking. Teachers are regularly monitored, assessed and certificated. This program has trained over 900 teachers that have impacted the lives of more than 20,000 students.

Book Publishing

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Under the WE-CARE Library, the Reading Liberia program trains librarians, sets up reading rooms,/mini library and  supply reading materials (books, poster and others). The Library program is also supported by the International Book Bank (IBB).

Teachers Training


Preparing group presentation for guided practice
Preparing group presentation for guided practice

Under its book production program which has a goal of producing 10 titles a year, writers and illustrators are trained to write and illustrate cultural relevant and engaging children books for the primary level and also, to develop the hobby of reading in the Liberian children. Twenty-Five writers and 10 illustrators have been trained; 15 titles have been published, 10 titles are in the production process and 50 manuscripts are being vetted to select 10 titles for the next 2013- 2014 round of production.


Library Services

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