Critical Thinking Liberia (CT-L)

Critical Thinking Liberia (CT-L) with support from Open Society Foundation (OSF), has developed a community of critical thinking practitioners that conducts trainings in strategies and methodologies for reading and writing for critical thinking and participatory learning for teachers and other professionals. Some of those trained become trainers-of –trainers.

CT-L conducts teacher training workshops for the Liberia Teacher Training Program (LTTP)- a USAID supported program, that operates the Rural Teacher Training Institutes (RTTI), for the training of in-service and pre-service teachers that presently awards “C” certificate to meet the capacity building needs of the Liberian school system. CT-L also published an anthology with an accompany trainer's guidebook within the RWCT framework.

CT-L  has her meetings every 2nd Saturday at the WE-CARE Library where teachers from all parts of Monrovia come together.